Sunday, April 18, 2010

HGTV Green Home

As an admitted addict of HGTV, lover of all things eco friendly, and person strangely obsessed with winning a sweepstakes (any kind will do!), I was THRILLED to find out that this year's HGTV green house was being built a mere 45 minutes from my home. Yesterday the family (mother -in-law and all!) and I took a ride down to check it out. It's located in the Pinehills in Plymouth. The Pinehills is a planned community with shopping, golf, and all different sorts of housing options- including cottages like the one HGTV built. We were able to drive right up to it, and were so inspired by the lovely setting, beautifully built homes and well manicured property that my husband actually went to the clubhouse and listened to the sales pitch (you know, for when we retire in 30 years). The pitch was fun for him- he even got cookies!!- but no so great for me as I was left waiting, wedged between two hungry and restless kids in the not quite big enough back seat of our car! Anyway- it was a fun little excursion which makes me look forward to kicking off my shoes and spending long summer days down there when we win the house! Ha! You can find lots of photos on the website, but for now here are some teasers (it's a beauty, and definitely worth a look !!!).

Oh and a ps- we did go look at the blue dresser I was coveting, but my practical side won out and I went home emtpy handed. It was pretty though....

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