Saturday, May 15, 2010

White is not boring!

The first thing you'd notice if you came to my house is that I LOVE color. I have a pumkin orange accent wall in my hallway, a jalepeno pepper green breakfast room, dark yellow kitchen, blue bathrooms, and the kids new room will have some peach (yep, we're off blue now and onto orange- but that's ok!). It all sounds frightening, but somehow it works- well it works for us at least. No matter what other people think of my personal space, I love to be surrounded by color. But, that being said, I think it would be so refreshing and lovely to decorate using an all white pallet. White is so clean, so crisp. White rooms just naturally seem simple and uncluttered. And I hate, hate, hate clutter. I wish I had the courage to have an all white house, and who knows maybe after the kids are done destroying everything in their wake, I just might try to work towards that. But for now, I'll satisfy my craving but oogling photos of white rooms. Here are a few I've found recently:

White pottery- oooh, j'adore! from The Vintage Rose

from Beach Studios UK

from Stacy Branford Photography

from Jeanne De Arc Living

ok, this isn't technically a room, but as a floral designer
I couldn't resist this, from Martha Stewart

from Domino Magazine

from Beach Studios UK

Beach Studios UK

from Country Living

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