Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sisal Style

I am not a big fan of wall to wall carpet. Actually, I hate it and up until now have pretty much refused to consider it for any room in my house. I mean, area rugs are fine- even necessary I think and they can really do a lot to cozy up a room, or anchor it. But to me wall to wall carpet always seems to detract from the style of a room. However, I've recently become enlighted! have learned to embrace wall to wall carpet (of a certain kind)!! Well, one kind to be exact. Sisal! I really do like the way it looks in a room. It warms things up and functions well yet offers a pretty neutral backdrop for pretty much any room. I think I'm broadening my horizons! Cheers to that!

Sisal makes this room cozy- love the dog too!
Outdoor Living

Sisal on the stairs, probably not too practical, but love the look!
Lucynia Moodie

Another beautiful stairway, Annabelle's House: Katy Elliot
Another georgous room by Pheobe Howard, and she uses sisal!

More from Phoebe Howard- sisal is definitely growing on me!

Even adds a little somthing-something to an space. Love it!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

In the Beginning...

Here's an article about buying a fixer upper that I was interviewed for. Though it certainly wasn't intentional, it appears as though I was the driving force behind the purchase and restoration of our old farmhouse. We laugh because truth be told my husband is responsible for most of the reno and upkeep of our home- and he's barely mentioned!! The ideas are often mine (and he's pretty patient with me, because I have a lot of them, I have to admit!) BUT, the real work is all him. Anyway, it's an older article from the Boston Globe, but I thought it'd be fun to share!