Friday, April 9, 2010

The Barn

Well.... as I mentioned we're in process of converting our attic for the kids. As is often the case with home reno, we've run into one delay after another. So in the meantime I thought I'd revisit one of the first projects we tackled in this house: turning the barn into a studio/family room. I've looked everywhere for the "before" pics but have given up- they are lost in the mess of photos I have saved on my laptop! So, you'll just have to imagine the raw space that it was- an old barn.. lots of dirt and that's pretty much it. But now, it's a comfortable place to hang out, have parties and of course work! During my busy season the space is overrun with flowers; but in quieter times we can use it for games, crafts, family dinners or just to hang out:

my most recent project- oversized canvas, natural fiber material, stencils & paint and voila!Instant, cheap wall art.

Another DIY project (this time, my husband's). He painted an old cupboard (reclaimed from his parents kitchen) using paint he found in the basement! This holds all my ribbon and other floral tools

Looking in from the front

Looking from the door that connects to the main house

Another angle

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