Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Lots of exciting things have happened over at Beach St during the past week or so.  We have a FLOOR! Woot Woot!  We have CABINETS!  We have a 99% complete bathroom!  We have LIGHT at the end of the tunnel.. Here are a few quick pics of the state of affairs now.  Check back soon (well, hopefully soon) for the big reveal! 
Schrock Kitchen Cabinets in Dover Grey.  I am gonna need a stool to reach the top shelves

Red Oak to match the existing floors in the rest of the house-
not my first choice but what can you do when you're on a budget (drat that stupid budget!!)?

Old grey, stained brick gets a facelift with a quick coat of paint
(can you tell I love white?!!) 

Hall ("kids") Bath
We replaced the floor, the vanity, toilet, mirror and light but left the original wall tile 
Oh and BTW I bought the star wall decals on etsy.com (thanks Owlhills!)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

So much for my grand plan to document every step of our latest renovation project.  I guess life (kids, work, general daily mayhem) got in the way. Plus, lets face it- looking at pictures of demolished walls, unfinished framing and old linoleum flooring is booooooring.   BUT, since I've been gone we have made lots of exciting progress and I'm excited to show you where we are now!   You can definitely say we've come a long way since we started.  Getting there!!

New exterior paint color- BM Classic Ivory (brick to be painted too!)

New doors and trim throughout house

Wall and paneling removed, ceiling fixed

Ready for new hardwoods
barn door installed in family room

Family room carpet installed- a DIY using Flor!

I love this product!
new French doors, new drywall in kitchen (to cover crazy amount of brick)

drywall over brick wall, old tile removed from floor

White, white, white.. LOVE white!

New tile floor

Ready for cabinet install!
New fa├žade for mantle and shelves (bye bye groovy waves!)

So much better

It's the little things...

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Here are just a few of the (OMG literally!!!) hundreds of images I have saved in my 11 Houzz ideabooks for this project. We're hoping the house has the same sort of feel that the rooms featured here have. I'm not sure what to call the style- definitely coastal (but not obviously "beachy") and leaning toward modern (but not too stark). Though I absolutely LOVED our 1846 farmhouse in Westwood, I'm excited to be going more mid-century here. At least the walls won't be crumbling- something that quickly went from being "charming" to frustrating in our old house. Change is good, and this is going to be a beautiful one!

Walls, walls, walls...

It's so exciting to see progress being made at the house! This week the wall between the living and dining room (old kitchen) came down, the demo work was complete in the future family room and kitchen, and the hall bathroom got a new floor! And, the outside peak got a much needed facelift- it now matches the rest of the clapboard on the front of the house. Yippeeeeee! I'll post a few images of those projects but considering they probably aren't half as interesting to anyone else as they are to us, I'll keep the post brief. And, later this morning I'll post some of the photos I'm using for inspiration. Those are a heck of a lot more fun!

Friday, July 18, 2014

For the love of SMEG!

You know what they say... go big or go home?  Well, in this case we're going SMALL, but in a big way.  Yes, it may seem impractical, but when is love ever practical?  And this is love, it really is.   Our first major kitchen appliance purchase has been made and we are all so in love (sighhhhh.....).  How can we not be?  At just 23.75 inches wide and 57 inches high this adorable little fridge can't help but steal hearts.
Some people may think we're crazy putting such a small unit in our kitchen, but honestly I hate doing big grocery shopping- I tend to buy in smaller quantities a few times a week.  I think it stems from bad memories of post college days when our apartment fridge was perpetually overstuffed with moldy food and too many take out cartons (shudder).... I can't stand a messy or cluttered fridge!!!
So, this should be just fine.  And, as a bonus it saves energy (love that!!!) and space.  Our kitchen isn't going to be huge (or even big) so gaining some room for more cabinets is a definite plus.  Anywho, stay tuned to find out what fabulous color we've picked for ours (and be patient- the kitchen won't be done for months), but in the meantime: meet SMEG!

source: West Elm

source: Internet

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Adventure Begins!

Crazy days.  That's all I can say about life right now!  In the course of 8 days we sold two houses and bought one.  The packing, the paperwork, the coordinating of schedules, the physical moving of stuff (how do we have so much stuff???), changing our address, paying off bills, saying good-bye and meeting new neighbors... yeah, nuts.  But it's nothing compared to what the next few months will bring.  When people ask "what are you doing to your new house?" the easiest answer is "what AREN'T we doing?"   Well, we aren't tearing it down.  You can follow along here to see our progress.  I'll start by posting the before pictures.
Future Family Room (currently a porch)

Future Kitchen (currently a den with LOTS of brickwork)

Future Dining Room 

Future Mater Bath (full gut reno)

Future Master Bath 

Future Craft Room (currently weird basement room)

Future Playroom (currently scary basement)

Future guest room (currently another scary basement room)

Another view of the scary basement

Future site of awesome deck (with water views!)

Future site of outdoor shower

We finally have a garage!!!!!!

Master Bedroom

Living Room (lots of changes to come)

Taking down this wall....
Don't be frightened by the state of things (and if you are, don't tell me.. it's even worse in real life!)