Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Attic Bedroom

So, we've started phase two of our total house renovation. Last year, when we purchased the 160 year old farmhouse, we knew it would be a long term endeavor to upgrade and maintain it. But we fell in love with the bones of it, and all the small details that make it unique. And, what can I say? Our family thrives in mess and chaos (ha!!) so why not??!! In the beginning, we had to make it livable so we focused on adding a kitchen and a bathroom (both missing when we bought it!), and converting the barn to my workspace (good-bye basement studio!!). But we've been here a year now and it's time to have some more fun. We're putting the kids up in the attic and turning my son's room into a bathroom. I'm so excited about the kids new space- I can't even tell you. I'll document as we go, but to get started, here are some of my inspiration photos

from Coastal Living


from Coastal Living

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The Zhush said...

I have been toying with the idea of finishing our own attic, and the quest for inspirational photos (and google) led me here! Great them all! Good luck with your project!