Sunday, July 22, 2012

Seafoam Green Summer!

Everywhere I turn this summer I'm seeing green... seafoam green to be exact. I even saw a woman on the street yesterday wearing the bold combination of seafoam green pants and a red top. Not so very sure that it worked, but hey, I did like the pants. And I LOVE the color. Love that it seems to be the new go to least for certain spaces. But there is definitely a right way to use it. I love it as an accent color against navy blue, tan or white. Paired with a deep orange it could be lovely as well. And anything that looks like it comes for the 60s could most definitely pull off seafoam. I'm itching to paint something- anything- in my house seafoam green, but so far I haven't found the right thing. So, per usual, I've been searching the good ole web for inspiration. Here are some images I found while looking around. Right on!

Apartment Therapy

Jesi Haack Design (seen on

Mediterranian House & Home

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