Friday, March 25, 2011

Outdoor Living

Maybe it's because it seems like warm weather will never again grace our little corner of the world, or maybe because it is officially Spring (despite what the thermometer says) but I've been thinking a lot about how nice it would be to have an outdoor room. I love the idea of lounging on a sunsoaked patio, sunk deep down in comfortable cushions of an all weather sofa. Oh what I'd give to be lingering over drinks with friends gathered around a gently weathered teak table as the sun fades and the crickets start to sing. Sigh- all that would be really nice, but you know, right about now I'd be perfectly happy just to be able to go outside without a scarf and jacket at this point! I'd be more than content with my standard patio furniture and faded umbrella, kids toys scattered at my feet. But on the other hand, it really would be nice to jazz up my backyard. Well.. maybe Restoration Hardware will have another fab 60% off sale at the end of the season and we'll be sipping cocktails in style NEXT summer!

from House Beautiful
from Coastal Living

from Coastal Living

Garden House

from Domino Magazine

from GardenRooms

from Domino Magazine

ok, this isn't outside, but I still would
LOVE to have a room like this from Country Living


despar2 said...

Hello, my name is Kelly from
Love the pics you share..wonderful taste : )
I posted one of the pics from your site and there is a link back to you.
Thanks again for sharing.

Suzanne said...

Thanks Kelly!