Monday, July 23, 2012

Next Up: Watermelon


Oh yeah, I've already consumed about 10 tons of watermelon this summer; my kids probably have me by a ton or two. There is just something so perfect about it on a hot day. Whether you use it in a salad, main course or dessert it's equally appetizing. But of course there's more to it than the sweet, sticky taste... it's the georgous, appealing color of it. Wonderful as a fruit, but even better as a pillow, on a wall or as a furniture color. It really is pretty versatile as a focal color or an accent. For example, a watermelon rug would really brighten and warm up a room (see Curbly's "after photo" below- and check out for the before), some pillows add punch to a neutral room, a soft pink wall livens things up in a comfortable lounging space. Or you could just buy a watermelon hued bouquet of flowers (try hot lady roses, supernova spray roses or fushia peonies). Or what about a watermelon bed? Luxe and Lilies
shows you how to make your own! And, if that's not enough inspiration, here are the pics that caught my eye and got me thinking about how I can use watermelon:

Snap 7

Domino Mag
Jenna Lyons

Martha Stewart
check out for how to make this rug!

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