Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Whites

I love designer Jen Cranston's Ontario vacation house (originally featured in Canadian Home magazine). Even though I know white is pretty much off limits for me until my kids are old enough that they stop leaving a messy trail of toys, crumbs, smudges and prints all over the house (which I imagine will probably be never) I am still drawn to rooms that feature a lot of white. It's so crisp and clean and refreshing. On a day like today (95 degrees with 90% humidity), white is what I need. White would be cool. I could imagine myself sitting on that lovely front porch with a tall glass of iced tea propped on my knees. Or maybe I'd be lounging under the canopy in the backyard, finally finishing that book I keep lugging to the beach but don't ever have an opportunity to read. Or perhaps I'd just stretch out on that white couch and daydream the afternoon away while my kids played calmly, quietly and neatly at my feet.


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