Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sisal Style

I am not a big fan of wall to wall carpet. Actually, I hate it and up until now have pretty much refused to consider it for any room in my house. I mean, area rugs are fine- even necessary I think and they can really do a lot to cozy up a room, or anchor it. But to me wall to wall carpet always seems to detract from the style of a room. However, I've recently become enlighted! have learned to embrace wall to wall carpet (of a certain kind)!! Well, one kind to be exact. Sisal! I really do like the way it looks in a room. It warms things up and functions well yet offers a pretty neutral backdrop for pretty much any room. I think I'm broadening my horizons! Cheers to that!

Sisal makes this room cozy- love the dog too!
Outdoor Living

Sisal on the stairs, probably not too practical, but love the look!
Lucynia Moodie

Another beautiful stairway, Annabelle's House: Katy Elliot
Another georgous room by Pheobe Howard, and she uses sisal!

More from Phoebe Howard- sisal is definitely growing on me!

Even adds a little somthing-something to an space. Love it!

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