Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sack O' Potatoes? I think not!

Everywhere I look people are using cover pillows, windows, walls and even showers! Yesterday I was browsing at one of my favorite guilty pleasure stores (Nest, in Dedham) and tucked all throughout the place there were cute something or others made of burlap. And, in my never ending online quest for fun, inexpensive stuff to fill my house with I kept running across pretty burlap things! So yes, I've jumped on that bandwagon. It just looks cool and it fits with the relaxed, casual way I keep house. Not to mention the fact that it's wicked cheap and super easy to work with. So, I went to the fabric store and bought a few yards of the dark brown variety (for just $11!!!) plus some stitch witchery, more glue sticks for my glue gun and some cheap tension rods. And -voila! - after only a few short hours I had a new set of curtains for my living room, and a valance for one of the windows in the barn (just 4 more to go!). Plus, I've got a drum shade and pillow cover in the works too! I'll post a how-to and photos of my finished work (after I add my felt flowers, which is part two of my crafting whirlwind!!), but for now here are some of the photos that inspired the burlap crafting frenzy!

This drum shade is a DIY project just asking to be made
(though I'm sure mine won't look half as good as the one found here from A Lifes Design). And by the way, I love EVERYTHING about this room!

I love the contrast between the burlap and the linen chair

Soooo cute table runner from Sweet Cottage Dreams

This curtain from A Simple Yarn
is what got me thinking...

Yes! Burlap for a wedding, why not?
Photo thanks to Heather Espana, via Ruffled

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Morgan | Mrs. Priss said...

Oooh gosh. I read this post at the perfect moment! All morning, I've been thinking of which project to tackle when I get home from work today, and it's going to be a new burlap table runner. So excited!