Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Adventure Begins!

Crazy days.  That's all I can say about life right now!  In the course of 8 days we sold two houses and bought one.  The packing, the paperwork, the coordinating of schedules, the physical moving of stuff (how do we have so much stuff???), changing our address, paying off bills, saying good-bye and meeting new neighbors... yeah, nuts.  But it's nothing compared to what the next few months will bring.  When people ask "what are you doing to your new house?" the easiest answer is "what AREN'T we doing?"   Well, we aren't tearing it down.  You can follow along here to see our progress.  I'll start by posting the before pictures.
Future Family Room (currently a porch)

Future Kitchen (currently a den with LOTS of brickwork)

Future Dining Room 

Future Mater Bath (full gut reno)

Future Master Bath 

Future Craft Room (currently weird basement room)

Future Playroom (currently scary basement)

Future guest room (currently another scary basement room)

Another view of the scary basement

Future site of awesome deck (with water views!)

Future site of outdoor shower

We finally have a garage!!!!!!

Master Bedroom

Living Room (lots of changes to come)

Taking down this wall....
Don't be frightened by the state of things (and if you are, don't tell me.. it's even worse in real life!)

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