Saturday, May 31, 2014


So after a few years of false starts and a ton of hemming and hawing we are actually, finally, incredibly, joyously making the move to a simpler, more laid back lifestyle.  Yes, we're leaving behind our beloved home that we poured our heart and soul into renovating over the past five years, but with it we are leaving a hectic, non stop, where-did-the-day-go type of living.  We are leaving behind too long work days, and too frequent travel weeks. We are leaving behind material expectations and wants. We are leaving behind all the trappings that come with a big salary.  But, we are trading it for a chance to spend more time together in a place we all love- a small seaside town that stole our hearts the first time we visited many years ago.  It's all finally falling into place.  My husband secured a job that he is thrilled about starting at a non profit dedicated to saving the environment and I will plan to refocus my floral design business in that area. The kids are all signed up to be beach bums. And we are set to start turning a new house into our home- with a top to bottom renovation.  It's a house that we hope we will come to love as much as this one...


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