Sunday, January 25, 2015


Ah hem.. so we did actually move into the house in late October, but with a job change, the kids hectic schedule, the  holidays, and life in general I guess I just let the blog slide.  Well, you know how that is. Life is busy and best intentions aren't always the most realistic.  BUT, anyway, here you go.. a bunch of pictures of the finished (well 95% finished) product!  We are, overall, thrilled with the way the house turned out.  We weren't without some bumps in the road, and we did have to compromise on a few things, but in general everything looks great and we now have a very comfortable, very livable, family-friendly home.  Now- all we have to do is get through the long, quiet winter and we'll be sitting pretty- happily and lazily enjoying our new life by the sea... well until the next project comes along!  Wait, what??!!! Well.... never say never!










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