Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beachside Bliss

Ok, here's the thing. Rationally, I know that we're absolutely, totally, completely NOT in the market for a beach house. But dreams aren't rational and a girl can always dream can't she? Anyway, so I was looking at potential beach houses (because, well you never know......) and I came across this one. It's in Fairhaven, on West Island and it is absolutely, totally, completely PERFECT. It looks like something out of Coastal Living magazine and the kicker is- it comes fully furnished!! Did you hear me say OMG? OMG!!!!! The decor makes me swooooon. The sad thing is it really isn't THAT expensive- just a BIT out of reach for a family NOT in the market for a beach house. And, given that it is my absolute DREAM vacation house I just had to share....
the totally adorable exterior

yes, I did say it comes FULLY furnished-
all this lovely furniture could be yours (or, mine!!)!!

don't you just want to crawl into this bed and listen
to the ocean waves and island breezes?

perfect for the kiddies!

cooking in here would be a dream!

really, isn't this just the perfect place to curl up with a
good book after a long day at the beach?

I am totally in looooooove.

TOTALLY in love...

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